The beginning of a new career

Changing a career is not easy, especially when you are changing to something completely different. I was working as a Personal Trainer and assistant teacher at a daycare. Having a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Brazil made me want to be a Personal Trainer in the US. But to be honest, I did not want to be working 5 hours in one gym, 3 hours in another, and a few more in a different one, and not get paid enough to be able to afford my son’s school. I love working with kids, teaching them and see their improvements every day is amazing but I also do not see myself doing it for too long.

One year and a half ago a friend of mine talked me into coding and started researching everything about it. When I saw all the amazing things we can create with coding, that I never realized before that, I just had to do it. I thought about it for a little while, yes, because it is not easy to get out of our comfort zone, learning two languages (coding and English) at the same time was something that I did not think was easy but I did not want to be where I was (professionally) either, so I signup for the Bootcamp. And that was one of the smartest choices I have made, with no regrets at all.
In coding we have to be constantly studying, learning new techniques and technologies. After months of Bootcamp at Flatiron School, I am finally graduating, I have learned so much with amazing instructors and colleagues but there is so much more out there, as Socrates once said: “the more I know the more I realize I know nothing”. I am always thinking about creating something that could help people in need and or the environment. With coding, I found out that this is actually possible. I have so many ideas to put into practice that I can not wait to gain more knowledge and start working on those projects.

Now the job hunt game starts, I know It is not going to be easy, I am going to get “no” s a lot, but I am prepared for that… also scared, but well, it’s time. It is time for this foreign, mommy of a crazy two-year-old boy to get out there get more independent, stronger, and put into practice all my skills.




Software developer student

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Isabella Henriques

Isabella Henriques

Software developer student

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